Basic 1:50 online interior design kit and online consulting service for project details. A proposal for a little girl's room.

The room should be more in line with the tastes of the family and the girl herself. More fun, colorful and cozy. It should feel more personalized to those who live in the same space.

estado actual 02.JPG
estado actual01.JPG

The photos above show the before of the room. They wanted to keep most of the furniture, so the change had to be something easy to do without changing the base of the furniture. 

Lighting, as in most of the spaces, was a problem, since it came only from overhead spots with cold light. The pendant lamps, then, give the space a purely decorative lighting, but with warm light transform the space into something much more welcoming and inviting to spend more time in the space.


The colors used are colors that go very well with the dark wood of the furniture and the medium stained wood of the floor. White, light gray, beige, pink and gold metallic touches are used in some accessories and details. Bed linens and cushions are changed, hanging lamps are added to the sides of the bed, and decorative details are placed on the walls and above the bookshelves. 

The bed is made the most important visual space with painting in lines of different colors on that entire wall. 

Thus, using colors and decorations that go well with the client also at the same time we achieve a space in which the little one can grow and feel comfortable, since it is not a very childish space. This way the space transcends better in time.