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Decorating service for property purchase-sell operations

  • 4 hr.

    15€ por m2

Do you need to rent or sell your property? Maybe you need it to look good for potencial clients or buyers. We make style and decorate the space, handle and assemble all needed accesories, move the furniture and make it all look perfect. 

Benefits of home staging: It accelerates the purchase-sell or rent process and maximazes the property's value by making it more attractive. It entails strategic changes carried our by specialists that follow the latest real estate trends. 

How it works: Once you purchase a home staging, you must send a plan and pictures and/or videos of the space so we can work on the furniture and decorative accesories shopping list. Then, we set a date for the home staging that will last 8 hours, to be carried out in one day. During this, we will rearrange or change furniture, and style and decorate so everything looks amazing. In the end, you can choose to keep all the props and accesories used. 

*The space should be mostly furnished (beds, sofas, appliances). Our home staging service includes only small and medium sized items.

*The service will last a maximum of 8 hours.

*At the end of the home staging we will ask you to sign an authorization to take pictures of your space and use them in our social networks.


Choose and book a day to get to work and do your home staging. 


You will receive a confirmation email.


We ask you to send us a floor plan and photos or videos of the space. 


We send you the quotation and you pay us by bank transfer or bizum.


We handle and assemble everything. And we leave it to you for the necessary time (24 hours, if more there is an additional cost).


We disassemble everything and take it with us.


You have the option to purchase one or all of the items used in the home staging.