Urban loft design proposal. We were given the empty space to make the complete project, with the internal distribution.

The client, a single man, presented a few items he wanted in the space. Dining room for 8 guests, a large TV viewing space, a semi-professional kitchen, a guest room and mostly hidden storage.

We have only two windows, and an open space on the roof, so we decided to create an internal garden, on which the rest of the spaces will revolve, thus solving two problems, lighting and natural ventilation. With the interior garden we ensure that the entire house will have sunlight and air, and psychologically we bring the outside in.

It is decided to make a second floor, where the main bedroom and bathroom will be. Leaving on the first floor the living room, dining room, kitchen, guest room, bathroom and a distributor.

The client wants a simple and contemporary style, with clean lines.

So we decided to use materials in their natural state, such as wood, marble and granite, ceramics, among others, being these same materials the protagonist colors of the spaces. We also use other coatings such as wallpaper and porcelain floors, leaving aside the use of interior paints, because the client does not like the finish, because it stains very easily.

The colors are kept neutral to give all the prominence to the natural colors of the materials themselves. 

Likewise, much importance is given to the interior garden, using lights to highlight the vegetation and having a view of it from many of the spaces.